Welcome Sunshine! My name is Sina and I am the owner of Touch of Radiance (T.O.R) in Virginia Beach. I am a Master Esthetician and Master Esthetics Instructor that was licensed through one of the best esthetic schools in the Virginia Beach area, The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics. Before I started my esthetic career, I had humble beginnings as an eight-year Marine Corps veteran, and mother of two wonderful children. Due to the rigorous duties of being a servant to the armed forces, I was adamant about natural beauty, but in all honesty I knew very little about makeup. I felt as though expressing femininity in uniform would be frowned upon and I wouldn't be taken seriously... I was sadly mistaken.


My skincare issues did not develop until after my children were born. I developed hormonal acne, dark spots, ingrown chin hairs, and uneven skin complexion. Initially, I wanted to pursue makeup artistry, but I realized that covering my skin imperfections were only temporary. I understood that makeup only makes your skin concerns worse if you don’t have a clean canvas. With that information, I dove head first into my pursuit for skincare, and I am completely dedicated to help others feel liberated from their concerns. I thrive on creating a relaxing safe space for my clients to completely submerge themselves during my treatment sessions. I promise the experience to be life changing, and I am extremely excited to guide you along your skincare journey 😊

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Touch of Radiance offers an experience of pure relaxation with the goal to reveal your inner glow. I have treatments that cater to skincare virgins and chemically based for those who are regulars. My advanced modalities are sure to leave your skin revitalized, refreshed, and brighter.